May. 22, 2017



"It takes cash to care" is one of the most successful lies ever told by leaders and lived by everyone. Cash which is currency is called money.

This gigantic capitalist lie, “It takes cash to care” reminds me of a Bible texts which talks about the fate of one who loveth and maketh a lie found in the book of Revelation.

Under capitalism, there is never enough cash available to care for the most basic of human needs such as: Good Air Quality, Potable Water, Healthy Foods, Health, Education, a comfortable Home to live with workable Sanitary conveniences, Good Road Network and Transportation.

Capitalist ties money to life. You purchase life using their money and they make you believe it’s your money. Where did you get it? Do you know how, where and by whom it’s made?

However, very conveniently money is not tied to work.

One can get money without working for it yet one can hardly survive if one does not have money.

Listen to the words of these men about work and money:

“There is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy. The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic system are simple. They are:
• Equality of opportunity for youths and others;
• Jobs for those who can work;
• Security for those who need it;
• The ending of the special privileges for the few;
• The preservation of civil liberties for all;
The enjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living.” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Did you take note of the use of the words healthy and strong? If you are working and earning under the current system, you stand the chance of being healthy and strong.

“We can either have democracy in a country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” Louis D. Brandeis (US Supreme Court Judge)

Dou you think democracy exist in our world today? I think you might find the answer to that question below.

“Democracy is not possible in a monetary based economy.” Louis D. Brandeis.

Very few people in the world work to earn money. Quite a large number just “play games” to acquire money.

All world governments play games as they tell their subjects they need money to survive. Almost the entire world believes such to be true.

The trick or capitalist game is, you make money hard to get or make it scarce (all governments tells its people that resources are scarce and limited. Resources usually means money) while motivational speakers tell their audience that there is abundance which is a Fact)

The other trick is you make work seem believably scarce and hard to get (again all governments especially those in waiting will tell the people that they will create 100,000 more jobs when they get power which is all they want and when they become government very few people get jobs) and this = lies, manipulation and control. If you look around you, you will see an abundance of work. If you continue looking you will also see an abundance of people who can work, willing to work but not working. I see them every day. I also see young men seeking work and when they are turned away, I see the broken look in their eyes on their faces on their shoulders; deeply distressed.

Now, since money is tied to life and survival, anyone who wants to live and survive will do almost anything to get the money to live and survive which includes thief money, beg money, borrow money or work for money. There are also other ways to get money. (see article on 7 ways to get money in hand

If work is limited according to all governments and their sleeping partners, all the other activities to get money in hand will always take precedence.

Now, the music industry is quite a big money making industry and they say it is work. (Give me a break – Oh, to design and manufacture musical instruments is indeed hard work.) (Another is the sports industry also an industry they say is working for money.) I understand in some places sporting is just a hobby for people who actually works to earn a living.

Jesus, the saviour of mankind while on earth thousands of years ago worked as a carpenter. He worked his hands to make things that had real tangible benefits to others and to himself. He also preached the Gospel. The results from the work of preaching the gospel is conversion of men and women to good works.

In the music industry, a DJ’s lyrics laced with sexual explicit works in the sense that it appeals to a wide cross-section of people, who from boredom, idleness, and an overindulgence in sex for pleasure easily salivates over anything that can keep their minds on pleasure and more sexual pleasure as mankind continues to be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God or good. (U find dat in the Bible)

If you love good and most people say they do, you will not be writing lyrics that encourages murder of your fellow men and equally not be supporting and playing it.

So capitalist leadership is up for you to ponder its worth. It appears anything goes......the more crap, the more crime, the more unemployment, the more lots of people live in fear, (and then fear is good for controllers and manipulators. Fear is used to manipulate and control people)

And the trickery continues as the more they make it appear to all and sundry that they coming up with solutions for scarce resources, to solve crime and violence without engaging people to real work.

I will Never be fooled for like the motivational speaker I know there is abundance.

At times you hear they talk about glut of this or glut of that in the marketplace be it pork, Irish potato, tomatoes etc.

People, did you know that Glut equals abundance which means no one needs be hungry anywhere in the world. NO ONE.

Abundance can be produced. Joseph in Egypt many years ago engaged all citizens to produce for 7 years of abundance. Today, we have the wherewithal to produce more than 700 times 7.

People are just simply pathological, nefarious, and inveterate liars. They are mind & human controllers and what makes them dangerous is that like the parable of the lost coin in the Bible they don't even know they are lost. They are actually real haters of equity. They simply hate Good.

A lost sheep not too bad because at least they know they lost and trying to find their way.

But a lifeless coin has no clue it is lost. The same lifeless pieces of paper and coin they use to continue slavery in the world.

People, just imagine this, if something is in limited supply or scarce it therefore means more work needs to be employed to produce more of the scarce commodity

I hope somehow this message open some eyes, minds and hearts to truth versus despicable destructive lies and ultimately a desire for good and the corresponding actions.