Jan. 19, 2017


January 5, 2017

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Honorable Andrew Holness surmised at a12th Annual Heal the Family, Heal the Nation gathering at the National Arena yesterday……..that it seem like an evil spirit had taken possession of some men in the society…..this was said against the background of the increase in crime and violence in the Jamaican Society and particularly the recent savaged murder of more than 6 women by their partners, lovers, husbands.

Seem this could also be said of some men in Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, the US, Canada in fact men in the entire world?                                    

And why are women being blamed by both male and female for causing men to get angry to the point where they become MOST emotional; displaying the emotion of ANGER and then commits murder the worst anti-social behavior in my opinion?

After Adam took the fruit and consumed it without being deceived as Eve his wife was, did you know Adam turned around and blamed Eve for causing him to eat.....? Read more in “My theory on why Satan tempted Eve first and not Adam”

Patriarchy Patriarchy rules the world. When did this began? Read "The He Dominance" and “Is it a man’s world and why” to find out more.

Why are men (male) so violent towards both male and female? Find out in “Men and Violence”

And what part does sex play in all this?

Many are again appearing baffled at the recent incidence of a 64 year old Pastor in sexual relations with a 15 year old child. (Mind transformation is the only cure for Pedophilia.) Romans 12:2.

What is the primary purpose of sexual intercourse, Procreation or pleasure? Can procreation and pleasure be separated or are they one and the same?  Did the 64 year old Pastor had sex with the 15 year old to procreate or did he have sex to gratify his pleasurable sexual desires? Why do men plant a seed? Read......"Ask Men" and get your copies of Sexual intercourse questionnaires Part 1, 2 & 3.

And then there is abuse....... before, during, and after sex…………Get your copy "On sexual Abuse.”                          

Abortion too factors big. Read more about my thoughts on the topic. 

NOW……do not be surprised that competition and money plays a big part in all this.                                  

Knock you over with the impact from Competition Parts 1 and 2 in the madness.

From among the 7 ways to get money in hand am putting these three in a race.                   YES, I am about to enter three in a competition as much as I hate competition. Here goes……. BEG IT; STEAL IT and TAX IT/CHARGE IT. Which do you think is winning the race in world affairs today?              

Wow hold on hold on! the other 4 ways to get money in hand will not keep quiet. They refused to, I cannot cantain them. They are demanding a space on the track.          

Ok Ok Am putting you in the race. WORK FOR IT, BORROW IT, FIND IT, and INHERIT IT.

I can tell you this with my eyes closed that WORK FOR IT loses the race. There is more work than there are people in the entire world BUT WORK FOR IT has been losing times over. 

Jobs are in short supply and they say money too?

If money is not in short supply in the country your reading from, (then send some here) as it is said repeatedly here in Jamaica that resources (monetary) are in limited supplies.

And, unemployment unemployment looms high everywhere. Have you really taken note?

Is that really true, do you believe it, when people starve for Water a very basic commodity that is in plentiful supply that without it you die....and even if you argue the water is dirty or salt then this is all the more work for people do to unsalt and undirty it for safe consumption. Oh...ummmm so you say then.......it will need skilled people chemist, microbiologist etc etc… to test and analyze and certify ……… ummm But that is more work again to get people skilled.

Again I say,………there is far more work in this world than people. But you continue to hear scarce, scarce, scarce……….

Let me tell you why your told scarce scarce scarce…………... Read Scarcities and eliminating it Parts 1 and 2.

Sighs, In all of this madness Where is God? Does he love you? 

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