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Mar. 7, 2018

  Monetary Based Economy                              Collaborative Work Based Economy

  1. Money based                                                 1. Work based
  2. Primarily produces money                         2. Produces everything including money
  3. Inconsistently values, based on weights    3. Values all, irrespective of weights
  4. People work for money                         4. People work with purpose and pleasure
  5. People work for money                            5. People work to serve and be served
  6. Has limited money supplies                      6. Has no monetary limitations
  7. Unstable and ripples multiple disasters    7. Stable and ripples multiple creativity
  8. Receives little pay for hard work               8. Must work needs are met
  9. Rewards people handsomely to do nothing  9. Must work must be rewarded
  10. Buys products                                                 10. Produces products
  11. Rooted in ignorance & discrimination        11. Builds awareness and enlightens
  12. Empowers people with money                    12. Empowers all
  13. Education for those with money                 13. Education for all
  14. Not all skilled based                                      14. Inherently skill based
  15. Specialized/Limited Skills                             15. Multi skills. No limitations
  16. Monotonous                                                   16. Promotes variety
  17. Builds hostilities, wars, revenge                  17. Embraces differences
  18. Creates wealth for few                                  18. Creates wealth for all
  19. Gets rich from producing bad products    19. No incentives for bad products
  20. Gets rich from dishonesty                            20. No incentives for dishonesty
  21. Gets money for murder                                21. No incentives for murder
  22. Enslaves the majority                                   22. Gives responsible freedom to all
  23. No guarantee of privacy                              23. Privacy guaranteed
  24. Inherently evil                                               24. Rooted in good but not immune 
  25. Run by lies                                                    25. Run by truth but not immune to lies
  26. Create product shortages                          26. Creates products according to needs
  27. Creates unmanageable greed                   27. Greed is manageable
  28. Based in inequality                                      28. Based on equality
  29. Inherently corrupt                              29. Inherently transparent but not immune
  30. Creates inequity                                         30. Creates equity
  31. Creates classism                                         31. Eliminates classism
  32. Promotes competition                               32. Promotes working together
  33. Creates widespread criminality               33. Will create some criminals
  34. Inherently corrupt                                    34. Inherently honest but not immune
  35. Inherently legalistic and unjust             35. Inherently legalistic but deals justly
  36. Inherently tribal and divisive                 36. Not tribal, inclusive, but not immune

37. Breeds multiple stress                             37. Eliminates most stress

38. Breeds unhappiness and ill health         38. Breeds happiness and well-being

39. Thrives on adversities and destructions 39. Builds to rid adversities and destruction

40. Robs family time                                          40. Promotes family time

41. Robs rest time                                              41. Promotes rest time

42. Health benefits for those with money     42. Health benefits for all

43. Work with very little to show                     43. Work with plenty to show

44. No respect for environment                      44. Respect for environment

45. Tax, confines and cripple diversity            45. Develop and expand

46. Guaranteed death from unnatural causes 46. Die mostly from natural causes

Mar. 2, 2018

The love of firing guns at humans is the root of all murders of humans. Nothing is wrong with guns; It is just the love to pull the trigger while aiming it at other human being that is the root of all murders?

Is the manufacturing of guns necessary? Is it a good that the manufacture of guns creates employment and income for thousands of people who would have otherwise been jobless and without income?

How expensive is senseless gun killings? How does such senseless killings compares with the employment and income generated from making guns? Could guns be an evil creation?

The love of smoking cigarettes is the root of many cancers. Nothing is wrong with cigarettes, it is just the love to smoke it that is the root of many cancers. What could be a possible good for cigarettes outside of smoking it?

Does the fact that it generates billions of dollars in sales and give employment to hundreds of thousands of people cancels out the evils of cancers and respiratory complications that it causes? How expensive is cancer and other cigarette smoke related diseases? Could it be an evil creation?

The drinking of sugary drinks is the root of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. Nothing is wrong with sugary drinks, is just the love to drink it. What are the health benefits of sugary drinks? Why is it produced in abundance and very cheap to acquire when natural fruit juice could be produced in abundance instead?

Why does the Heart Foundation of Jamaica and the Ministry of Health take it upon themselves to be running advertisement asking people to drink water instead of sugary drinks? Is this an indictment on manufacturers of sugary drinks?

How expensive is diabetes and heart diseases? Could it be an evil creation?

The love of sex is the root of all people. Nothing is wrong with sex but it is the love to indiscriminately indulge in it that produces unplanned for people, causing one or both parent to neglect parental responsibilities? Is it the love to indiscriminately indulge in sex that transmits diseases, that causes jealousy, abuses, rapes and many deaths? Is it possible that sex is an evil creation? Why did it occur between humans after sin? Why were we were born in sin and shaped in iniquity?

Mar. 2, 2018

The Jamaican National Identification System (NIDS) is another government tool just like money is, to firmly hold in place the existing control and manipulation of resources, always promoted as limited or scarce. The Jamaican government says that without NIDS citizens will not be able to access government services/resources.

NIDS will ensure that poverty remain intact as NIDS will not guarantee the creation of REAL sustainable jobs or contribute to the availability of more resources.

Real sustainable jobs require real skilled workers such as farmers (livestock, plant, fruit etc.), miners, well diggers, bakers, cooks, carpenters, builders, gardeners, teachers, plumbers, electricians, fishermen, machinists, engineers, architects, mechanics, electronic technicians, doctors, mathematicians, dentists, garbage collectors, food processors, clothes manufacturers, too many to mention them all. The majority of our people especially young men are simple laborers and laborers without jobs.

NIDS will not serve as a crime fighting tool, but will rather encourage idlers to step up on criminality to counter it. NIDS will therefore encourage more corruption and injustice.

Because, any system implemented by compelling people to register and penalizing with monetary fines should they not comply, must innovate further corruption. I dare anyone to challenge me on this statement.

In fact, someone once said that no one can play by rules in any monetary based economic system.

I will say further, that criminality is an industry in itself that generates economic activities of the similar order that war does.

And criminality usually benefits three sets, criminals, big businesses and governments.

People who do real work does not benefit from criminality and by real work I mean utilizing heads, hearts and HANDS in producing all the very things that people who do not indulge in real work can afford to buy.

People who do no real work earns the most money.

Many centuries ago, the second president of the great United States of America said, “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation, one is by the sword, the other is by debt.” John Adams, 1735-1826.

The sword references not just wars, but the very effective continuous manufacturing of guns as seen today. The gun like any other product such as cigarettes, soft drinks, ketchup is manufactured in very large quantities to make money. Almost anyone can buy a gun in exchange for money in all the countries in the world that manufacturers guns.

Guns will be bought with cash money and shipped to countries that do not manufacturer them such as Jamaica.

Guns are the favoured weapon used by mankind to commit murder. In Jamaica, Guns are used to murder by the hundreds each year for some years now.

Debt or indebtedness means the activity of issuing so called loans to especially poor individuals and countries, corroborated by a fractional reserve system utilized by banks, credit unions and all money lending organization; a monetary model to perpetuate indebtedness by virtue of a key ingredient called interest which is simple a figment of anyone’s imagination. (Modern Money Mechanics)

I also say without any fear that all world governments are currently incapable of changing the unworkable and inherently flawed monetary capitalistic based economic model, where supply and demand is manipulated to create wealth for a few and poverty for the majority.

They choose not to abandon such system as they are not believers in equality.

They are proud and insanely obsessed with having power over earth and all of earth’s resources including earths people.

They have no desire to serve mankind, only wanting to be served. They are severely blinded by the reality that we came into this world with nothing and will all leave the world with nothing.

They are cursed with immaturity to learn from past experiences of rulers who acted and believed as they now do, who have all been struck down silent, by death rotten and forgotten.

What an utterly stupid stiff necked set of people denying themselves the unspeakable pleasure of truly experiencing heaven on earth by freeing themselves from the burden of bad mind, covetousness, greed, lies and false pride even for a year.

Any utilization of money with the engineered scarcity of money by governments in order to deny people, and also to use people to deny their own brothers and sisters access to education, access to learning a skill, barred from developing and utilizing lands for production, denied from affording to eat healthy are stupid, bad mind, stiff necked and severely mentally sick people albeit they are dressed up, appearing and speaking like lambs but are actually wolves dressed up in sheep’s clothing.

I also say that the Jamaica’s puppet governments have absolutely no interest or an ounce of courage to tell the governments of country’s that manufacture guns that a radical change to their policies on the manufacture and sale of guns will limit both the use of the guns to murder ordinary citizens in their own country as well as to significantly reduce the flow of guns to Jamaica.

The stupid evil and viscous cycle is constantly fuelled by government policies, where the manufacture of guns provides employment and income to many from the very sales of gun.

Consumer, having spent money to acquire guns will use them for the purpose they were created. After destruction from wars and the use of guns, comes rebuilding when it suits them, where only the long established cash rich big businesses manipulate and controls the rebuilding and the viscous cycle of corruption and greed continues.

The Jamaican government also lacks courage to focus and treat with the reasons behind males’ gun addiction, scamming addiction, addiction to commit murders than to engage and facilitate learning about marine and plant biology, to engage in research and development of technologies to enhance construction of homes for all people, to better utilize sun and wind for cleaner energy use, to manufacture mobile devices and I could go on and on.

Because the Bible clearly instructs us to learn from the beasts, the fowls, the ants, the fishes of the sea, the earth which clearly are only being observed by a few other countries but hardly Jamaica.

Governments prefers to and better facilitates big businesses to import and produce sodas, bag juice, cigarettes, sugar biscuits and more recently ganja smoking by almost every young male and many females etc and threatened to apply higher taxation on the sales of such crap than to facilitate an affordable production of natural food and juices from mangoes, nesberries, jack fruit, oranges, coconut, June plums, apples, bananas, tamarinds, sour-sops, grapefruits and the varied fruits available in abundance which consistently bears; some without even much effort at tending and pruning.


Imagine the abundance that could be produced with a collective input in investigating, clearing, planting, watering, pruning, reaping, maintaining, distributing, replanting?

Jamaica and its government prefers to speak and believe the lie that resources are scarce without even the sense of reasoning that if resources are scarce then opportunities exist for work to eliminate the very scarcities. They rather also say work is scarce. Human resource is more than adequate in Jamaica at this time to utilize earth’s resources to either;

1. Create machines, create paper, create graphics, choose a face, faces or a building and print our own money which makes absolutely no sense because paper, graphics, machine and a picture cannot labor, cannot sweat, cannot produce and cannot be consumed or,

2. To use the earth’s resources to create all or most of the very things that people uses the very pieces of paper to buy, and then consume them. Then keep producing them which in essence means doing real work by the sweat of thy brow to eat bread leaving very little idle time for mischief, murder and mayhem.

What we are unable to produce with the resources we have in Jamaica, we form alliances with other African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and other whosoever will may participate, in producing, by real work and then use a system of exchange.

Jamaica government and its people need to come to their senses and reason that valuing anything over the other by virtue of it being different or one group needing more of the different thing over another is simply a factor in the game of manipulation and control over people and resources.

People need to reason that the Jamaican people are the primary resource and must be treated with dignity and respect and will in turn treat others with dignity and respect as each one teach one and treats each other as they would want to be treated.

A black mango is of no more value than a Julie mango because they are two different mangoes and can be both produced to meet the needs of humans.

A goat is of no more value than a chicken because again they are both different serving different purposes and can both be produced to meet the human needs.

All that requires for producing chicken and goats is for human to use the dominium given them by the creator responsibly, collectively and for common good to produce, and simultaneously working to replenish the earth from which all things comes.

Mark my word, after spending 9 Billion JAD to compel citizens to be nationally identified, while in the same breadth, citizens continue to be frustrated by the list of nags below, criminality will persist and persist and persist;

• unemployment among the youths

• unemployment among fathers

• unemployment among single parent especially mothers

• Lots of Jamaicans having no skill

• very low wages earned by the majority

• not being able to pay mortgages, rent, utility bills, unnecessary student loans etc.

• not being able to spend quality time with children and spouses due to slaving away daily just to make ends meet

• Wanting to own your own home but can’t afford to especially when it’s not the mind-set of any government for all people to own their own homes coupled with the illiteracy of big businesses and brain washed citizens who are also driven by charging and getting high rental income

• extremely bad roads everywhere especially farm roads. (except toll roads)

• wanting to farm but can’t afford to

• having to share one outdoor bathroom and toilet with five family members and six other tenants in the tenement yard

• To countenance Zinc fence and dilapidated broken down houses every day in inner city and some rural communities, at times having to negotiate overflow of raw sewerage in getting from the house to the road

• children going to school without breakfast and without money to purchase lunch

• children subsisting on bag juice and cheap sweet biscuit or bulla daily

• construction workers consuming sodas with bulla’s/bun 2-3 days in a week than having a healthy lunch

• Many workers choosing to ease the stress of providing for their families by smoking marijuana and cigarettes creating health hazards not just to themselves but forcing second hand smoke on others

• illiteracy

• thousands suffering from poor oral hygiene and other ill health due to very poor diet

• Fathers not supporting their children

• having utility poles in the middle of sidewalks and no sidewalks on may road ways in the middle of Kingston city

• Hustling’s to make ends meet as we say it in Jamaica

From birth, we have had a few identification cards and our lives have not been collectively made better. In fact, all the various government related id’s have created many nightmares for thousands of Jamaicans.

For example, thousands of Birth certificates have contained numerous errors, have been lost, burnt up in fires and the government Registrar General Department have over time extracted millions of dollars from citizens to correct the errors and replace.

Will there be errors with the NIDS system, will some be lost or stolen, destroyed by fires etc.? Imagine if there are none of the mentioned problems, I guess some none skilled persons will not become employed by government to address such problems and the government charging high fees.

What a total waste in working papers.

But, then adversities are deliberately made to generate economic activities due to lack of real vision to see doing good as something really exciting.

Some call it necessary evil.

How many of you believe in necessary evil?

In the case of Driver’s License, many, possibly in the thousands have used unscrupulous methods to acquire driver’s license generating a lot of sweet monetary deals.

Drivers Licences have also been used by agents of the government to aid the prosecution of thousands of road users, also extracting billions of dollars from citizens back to the coffers of the government.

Voters ID of the dead have come alive in general elections over and over again, and who benefits; the government. Every one such activity benefits the three sets; government, big businesses and criminals.

Interesting always to hear the talk show hosts some of them politicians uttering that it’s just a few criminals holding the county to ransom………LOL.

Money and money running’s is always at the centre of all these systems. NIDS monetary draw down will be a whopping JA $9,000,000,000.00 all under the control of the government.

Have you all every stop to examine how a simple system of fingerprinting citizens as some describes NIDS, tagged with a unique number on some pieces of plastic can generate the spend of billions of dollars, but to spend on a most basic need such as clean running water in the homes of all Jamaica is burdensome?

Water is Life and the lack of water supply systems in the homes of all Jamaican is a compromise on the health and wellbeing of Jamaicans.

Will NIDS be aiding the supply of potable water to the homes of all Jamaicans whether home is in a cave, a board or bamboo house or a concrete block and steel structure?

All the other identification systems most certainly did not.

Have you all ever stop to wonder how sitting in an office twiddling papers and plastics, just chatting away on telephones, , driving around fancy cars bellowing loud blinking sirens, flying around in aeroplane, staying at hotels both local and overseas can easily run in billions and billions of dollars yet malnourished children attending school every day unable to learn is of no moment, bad roads all around the island even where farmers are not able to get their produce out to people who need food is of no moment, unemployment is of no moment, poverty is really of no moment to governments?

Governments tells its citizens that resources are scarce, that important farm roads cannot now be repaired due to scarce resources, that proper drainage cannot be put in place on all our existing roads because resources are scarce, that housing and education for all which are common good, requires scarce resources.

In essence you are simply subjected to a life of perpetual misery even in the midst of politicians telling you that vote JLP/PNP means prosperity and progress for Jamaicans.

Whichever one in power, every year we become subjected to droughts where thousands have to do without water for weeks and months, and then a few months after the drought passes, bad weather sets in producing floods wiping out roads and farm crops, contributing to high prices for pumpkin, tomatoes, greens, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, chicken, goat meat etc. compromising the HEALTH and wellbeing of citizens; as we are not able to afford the high cost of these important healthy foods after such periods of disaster because limited supplies attract astronomical prices which many cannot afford so citizens in the thousands resort to mostly starchy foods just for belly full.

None of the two parties are interested in facilitating the use of the collective abilities of our citizens to produce and preserve food and water during and after disasters.

The monetary based economic model of supply and demand that is used to govern is inherently flawed.

All world government used such model. The results are the continuation of slavery and a guarantee of hunger and malnutrition for the many but lavish lifestyles and huge monetary gains for the few.

These same governments consistently tell their subjects that slavery is abolished. They consistently informed the people that they are working to rid the country of poverty.


How do they rid the country of poverty with scarcities?

In Jamaica they consistently promise to ensure that all children have access to education and health services, all in the midst of scarce resources.

Hospital beds are in short supplies; medication not easily accessible because the same government always owes billions to suppliers of medication and medical supplies.

Doctors and Nurses are in short supplies many overworked and poorly paid, and yet they are expected to attend the needs of every sick Jamaican under a free health care policy.

Some of the other manufactured illiterate, miserable and unemployable citizens wreak havoc on maiming and taking lives thereby contributing to more burden to an already frail health sector but the government and the half-witted followers continues to broadcast that we are on the right track and things are getting better and better with scarce resources.

Are you nuts people, believing a government who is also nuts?

Is this not Bible fulfilment where the blind is leading the blind?

Is this not people being destroyed for lack of knowledge?

Don’t you now wonder how then will scarcities and scare resources ever eliminate poverty, how can scarce resources eliminate illiteracy from our population, how can scarce resources grant all citizens access to health care?

Don’t you all see the contradictions and stupidity in all these utterances?

Are you all so blind or is it that you are incapable of distinguishing between truth and lies calling right wrong and wrong right?

Is it that like the politicians, you loveth lies, loveth evil, loveth the high murder count year after year, loveth poverty, love being in shithole, loveth NIDS and therefore prefers to do the same things over and over again yet wishing and expecting change for the better?

May. 30, 2017

“I applied my heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness.” King Solomon.

Why do some people sow seeds in very fertile soil yet desiring no fruits from the sowing of such seeds? But yet claim the planting of dead seeds was nonetheless pleasurable?

Farmers, Planters do you get pleasure in planting seeds in fertile soil without getting a single yield?

Is it not absurd that one will double up on efforts to stifle seeds to prevent germination and growth but still deliberately plant the stifled seeds in extremely fertile soil and claims that it is extremely pleasurable knowing that such seeds will not grow or bear a single fruit.

Is it notmabsurd that others will plant the same stifled seeds in infertile soil and confesses that it was also a pleasurable task?

But here ye this madness!! The ones who plant dead seeds in fertile soil despises the ones who plants the same seed in infertile soil both not getting or desiring a single yield. The wickedness of folly is that the one thing they both desired “pleasure” they both got.

People will sweat, cry tears, ploughing grinding planting seeds without the desire for a single yield. 

Again the foolishness of madness is a waste of sweat, tears and efforts because when the planting is over they still complain that the sidewalks are still broken down and they got cheated on.

They are still overweight with bulging fat in obvious places. They are still poverty stricken with bad breadth and ill health.

They complain about bad roads, they complain about the many hungry starving mal-nourished children in schools unable to learn, they complain about all the broken down dilapidated buildings breeding rats and roaches, they complain about the filthy homes that has sewerage infiltrating yards, they complain about all the horrible looking zinc fences all around Kingston city, they complain they have no water in their pipes at home in fact many have never seen water pipes in their homes since Jamaica’s independence and even before.

They complain about crime and violence by both idlers and among working people.

They complain about me and my shared thoughts. They think that I want utopia. The madness is that the very fact that they complain about the very ills stated, means they are the ones wishing for utopia. Utopia to them means some kind of bartering system and for some it’s a scenario where those who are denied education, healthy foods, comfortable living spaces, land, should live as if they have health wealth and happiness which is folly and madness.

These very people some aware and some unaware that they are believers in what is termed necessary evil. They are in support of evil and they don’t even know it.

They complain about quality teachers moving away from Jamaica to go to USA, England, Canada and even China for a better monetary life because Jamaica can’t give them the good life, they complain and complain and complain when they could be working working sweat and tears to rid society of the very ills they complaining about.

But they rather work sweat and tears 35 days from only 7 days sowing dead seeds.

I think I get it. The folly is trying to be happy by engaging in sowing seeds just for pleasure. No I don’t get it because pleasure does not translate to happiness. It seems the other way around. I give up.

I think it makes better sense first to collectively use the sweat, tears, ploughing and planting to create more lasting happiness.

Firstly, as in building a variety of beautiful homes containing very basic needs such as running water, good air quality, electricity, food. Ensuring sensibly managed agricultural fields to feed all Jamaicans with spares for exports. Ensuring schools are outfitted with the necessary learning tools to educate all. Having Hospitals sufficiently furnished to provide for excellent health care, good roads even if ¾ as good as the Chinese toll roads for smooth transportation which would for sure lessen the complaints of crime and violence often committed by idlers posing as if they at work.

This would most certainly mean, all persons at work with certain opportunities for vacation, rest, family time, live healthier lives, enjoyment of earth’s natural beauty for all.

“The profit of the earth belongs to all, even the king is served by the field.” King Solomon.

I therefore say all people must work and there is indeed work for everyone. Using hands to do real productive work.

Should all people work this would in essence be people doing all the things that collecting taxes to just pay some special set of people to do, which would eliminate the need to pay taxes.

If everything that money buys and I mean everything is produced by people of all different colour, race, preference, interest, from every parish in Jamaica/the world, why don’t everyone work to provide for everyone’s needs?

As diverse as people are as diverse are people’s needs as diverse are peoples gift to provide and serve all people.

When the quality Jamaican man or woman and as some would say ‘big brain’ people migrate to other countries and contribute significantly to innovations/inventions in those countries, the money they earn from ‘bigging’ up such countries eventually allows them to come back home to Jamaica to buy the what left of land to build their dream homes because the Government long time done give it away to China and many other not Jamaica people for small bucks because the government say dat Jamaicans lacked the expertise, technology, brains, to build nice roads, pretty Parliament buildings, pretty beach front properties etc. etc.

The same money the brainers who left Jamaica earned to build up foreign countries, they come back home to buy the real estate that should have been given them in the first place to provide the innovations and technologies and brighten up their own country and people. Instead the Governments chase them away and bring in foreigners to do things government says we too dunce to do then giving foreigners prime lands for chicken feed. Foreigners then utilize prime real estate for their own benefits then sending back all the monies they earn as profits at the expense of paying our own Jamaican workers low wages and providing them untenable working conditions. I guess befitting the dunce description assigned by our own government. Our own people are treated as slaves in our own country. 

Is it necessary to investigate the benefits derived by all Governments that sell out their own people and the rich resources of the country to foreigners while their own people suffers? Venezuela and Nigeria has oil and the rest of world governments criticizes Venezuela and Nigeria openly that both governments denies their own people the benefits from the resources found in their own country. All governments are similarly guilty barring NONE.

There is no need to keep collecting taxes from people to pay some people to do shabby work that always needs redoing and the same people keep redoing the same work and hence only those same people keep getting the direct and indirect taxes that is collected while the others are constantly being told taxes needs to be raised and collected to pay those special shabby workers who themselves are the ones who get tax breaks from time to time or they get creative at paying no tax.



Paying, raising, revising, collecting taxes is doing the same things over and over every striking day and expecting different results………which is simple madness.

“I applied my heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness.” King Solomon.


Did you know that travelling toll road is orgasmic? Using all other roads in Jamaica including sidewalks definitely miscarriages.

Am obsessed with roads as I use it every day and I try to keep up counting patch work on all the so called major and minor roads in Kingston city that I travel. I am tired of repeating counts.

Politicians will boast that they give us roads and you wonder if roads are not for all including politicians who uses roads more than others especially when it comes to voting time when they would travel every nook and cranny begging votes. Some would say buying votes.

May. 22, 2017


"It takes cash to care" is one of the most successful lies ever told by leaders and lived by everyone. Cash which is currency is called money.

This gigantic capitalist lie, “It takes cash to care” reminds me of a Bible texts which talks about the fate of one who loveth and maketh a lie found in the book of Revelation.

Under capitalism, there is never enough cash available to care for the most basic of human needs such as: Good Air Quality, Potable Water, Healthy Foods, Health, Education, a comfortable Home to live with workable Sanitary conveniences, Good Road Network and Transportation.

Capitalist ties money to life. You purchase life using their money and they make you believe it’s your money. Where did you get it? Do you know how, where and by whom it’s made?

However, very conveniently money is not tied to work.

One can get money without working for it yet one can hardly survive if one does not have money.

Listen to the words of these men about work and money:

“There is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy. The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic system are simple. They are:
• Equality of opportunity for youths and others;
• Jobs for those who can work;
• Security for those who need it;
• The ending of the special privileges for the few;
• The preservation of civil liberties for all;
The enjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living.” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Did you take note of the use of the words healthy and strong? If you are working and earning under the current system, you stand the chance of being healthy and strong.

“We can either have democracy in a country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” Louis D. Brandeis (US Supreme Court Judge)

Dou you think democracy exist in our world today? I think you might find the answer to that question below.

“Democracy is not possible in a monetary based economy.” Louis D. Brandeis.

Very few people in the world work to earn money. Quite a large number just “play games” to acquire money.

All world governments play games as they tell their subjects they need money to survive. Almost the entire world believes such to be true.

The trick or capitalist game is, you make money hard to get or make it scarce (all governments tells its people that resources are scarce and limited. Resources usually means money) while motivational speakers tell their audience that there is abundance which is a Fact)

The other trick is you make work seem believably scarce and hard to get (again all governments especially those in waiting will tell the people that they will create 100,000 more jobs when they get power which is all they want and when they become government very few people get jobs) and this = lies, manipulation and control. If you look around you, you will see an abundance of work. If you continue looking you will also see an abundance of people who can work, willing to work but not working. I see them every day. I also see young men seeking work and when they are turned away, I see the broken look in their eyes on their faces on their shoulders; deeply distressed.

Now, since money is tied to life and survival, anyone who wants to live and survive will do almost anything to get the money to live and survive which includes thief money, beg money, borrow money or work for money. There are also other ways to get money. (see article on 7 ways to get money in hand

If work is limited according to all governments and their sleeping partners, all the other activities to get money in hand will always take precedence.

Now, the music industry is quite a big money making industry and they say it is work. (Give me a break – Oh, to design and manufacture musical instruments is indeed hard work.) (Another is the sports industry also an industry they say is working for money.) I understand in some places sporting is just a hobby for people who actually works to earn a living.

Jesus, the saviour of mankind while on earth thousands of years ago worked as a carpenter. He worked his hands to make things that had real tangible benefits to others and to himself. He also preached the Gospel. The results from the work of preaching the gospel is conversion of men and women to good works.

In the music industry, a DJ’s lyrics laced with sexual explicit works in the sense that it appeals to a wide cross-section of people, who from boredom, idleness, and an overindulgence in sex for pleasure easily salivates over anything that can keep their minds on pleasure and more sexual pleasure as mankind continues to be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God or good. (U find dat in the Bible)

If you love good and most people say they do, you will not be writing lyrics that encourages murder of your fellow men and equally not be supporting and playing it.

So capitalist leadership is up for you to ponder its worth. It appears anything goes......the more crap, the more crime, the more unemployment, the more lots of people live in fear, (and then fear is good for controllers and manipulators. Fear is used to manipulate and control people)

And the trickery continues as the more they make it appear to all and sundry that they coming up with solutions for scarce resources, to solve crime and violence without engaging people to real work.

I will Never be fooled for like the motivational speaker I know there is abundance.

At times you hear they talk about glut of this or glut of that in the marketplace be it pork, Irish potato, tomatoes etc.

People, did you know that Glut equals abundance which means no one needs be hungry anywhere in the world. NO ONE.

Abundance can be produced. Joseph in Egypt many years ago engaged all citizens to produce for 7 years of abundance. Today, we have the wherewithal to produce more than 700 times 7.

People are just simply pathological, nefarious, and inveterate liars. They are mind & human controllers and what makes them dangerous is that like the parable of the lost coin in the Bible they don't even know they are lost. They are actually real haters of equity. They simply hate Good.

A lost sheep not too bad because at least they know they lost and trying to find their way.

But a lifeless coin has no clue it is lost. The same lifeless pieces of paper and coin they use to continue slavery in the world.

People, just imagine this, if something is in limited supply or scarce it therefore means more work needs to be employed to produce more of the scarce commodity

I hope somehow this message open some eyes, minds and hearts to truth versus despicable destructive lies and ultimately a desire for good and the corresponding actions.