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May. 30, 2017

“I applied my heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness.” King Solomon.

Why do some people sow seeds in very fertile soil yet desiring no fruits from the sowing of such seeds? But yet claim the planting of dead seeds was nonetheless pleasurable?

Farmers, Planters do you get pleasure in planting seeds in fertile soil without getting a single yield?

Is it not absurd that one will double up on efforts to stifle seeds to prevent germination and growth but still deliberately plant the stifled seeds in extremely fertile soil and claims that it is extremely pleasurable knowing that such seeds will not grow or bear a single fruit.

Is it notmabsurd that others will plant the same stifled seeds in infertile soil and confesses that it was also a pleasurable task?

But here ye this madness!! The ones who plant dead seeds in fertile soil despises the ones who plants the same seed in infertile soil both not getting or desiring a single yield. The wickedness of folly is that the one thing they both desired “pleasure” they both got.

People will sweat, cry tears, ploughing grinding planting seeds without the desire for a single yield. 

Again the foolishness of madness is a waste of sweat, tears and efforts because when the planting is over they still complain that the sidewalks are still broken down and they got cheated on.

They are still overweight with bulging fat in obvious places. They are still poverty stricken with bad breadth and ill health.

They complain about bad roads, they complain about the many hungry starving mal-nourished children in schools unable to learn, they complain about all the broken down dilapidated buildings breeding rats and roaches, they complain about the filthy homes that has sewerage infiltrating yards, they complain about all the horrible looking zinc fences all around Kingston city, they complain they have no water in their pipes at home in fact many have never seen water pipes in their homes since Jamaica’s independence and even before.

They complain about crime and violence by both idlers and among working people.

They complain about me and my shared thoughts. They think that I want utopia. The madness is that the very fact that they complain about the very ills stated, means they are the ones wishing for utopia. Utopia to them means some kind of bartering system and for some it’s a scenario where those who are denied education, healthy foods, comfortable living spaces, land, should live as if they have health wealth and happiness which is folly and madness.

These very people some aware and some unaware that they are believers in what is termed necessary evil. They are in support of evil and they don’t even know it.

They complain about quality teachers moving away from Jamaica to go to USA, England, Canada and even China for a better monetary life because Jamaica can’t give them the good life, they complain and complain and complain when they could be working working sweat and tears to rid society of the very ills they complaining about.

But they rather work sweat and tears 35 days from only 7 days sowing dead seeds.

I think I get it. The folly is trying to be happy by engaging in sowing seeds just for pleasure. No I don’t get it because pleasure does not translate to happiness. It seems the other way around. I give up.

I think it makes better sense first to collectively use the sweat, tears, ploughing and planting to create more lasting happiness.

Firstly, as in building a variety of beautiful homes containing very basic needs such as running water, good air quality, electricity, food. Ensuring sensibly managed agricultural fields to feed all Jamaicans with spares for exports. Ensuring schools are outfitted with the necessary learning tools to educate all. Having Hospitals sufficiently furnished to provide for excellent health care, good roads even if ¾ as good as the Chinese toll roads for smooth transportation which would for sure lessen the complaints of crime and violence often committed by idlers posing as if they at work.

This would most certainly mean, all persons at work with certain opportunities for vacation, rest, family time, live healthier lives, enjoyment of earth’s natural beauty for all.

“The profit of the earth belongs to all, even the king is served by the field.” King Solomon.

I therefore say all people must work and there is indeed work for everyone. Using hands to do real productive work.

Should all people work this would in essence be people doing all the things that collecting taxes to just pay some special set of people to do, which would eliminate the need to pay taxes.

If everything that money buys and I mean everything is produced by people of all different colour, race, preference, interest, from every parish in Jamaica/the world, why don’t everyone work to provide for everyone’s needs?

As diverse as people are as diverse are people’s needs as diverse are peoples gift to provide and serve all people.

When the quality Jamaican man or woman and as some would say ‘big brain’ people migrate to other countries and contribute significantly to innovations/inventions in those countries, the money they earn from ‘bigging’ up such countries eventually allows them to come back home to Jamaica to buy the what left of land to build their dream homes because the Government long time done give it away to China and many other not Jamaica people for small bucks because the government say dat Jamaicans lacked the expertise, technology, brains, to build nice roads, pretty Parliament buildings, pretty beach front properties etc. etc.

The same money the brainers who left Jamaica earned to build up foreign countries, they come back home to buy the real estate that should have been given them in the first place to provide the innovations and technologies and brighten up their own country and people. Instead the Governments chase them away and bring in foreigners to do things government says we too dunce to do then giving foreigners prime lands for chicken feed. Foreigners then utilize prime real estate for their own benefits then sending back all the monies they earn as profits at the expense of paying our own Jamaican workers low wages and providing them untenable working conditions. I guess befitting the dunce description assigned by our own government. Our own people are treated as slaves in our own country. 

Is it necessary to investigate the benefits derived by all Governments that sell out their own people and the rich resources of the country to foreigners while their own people suffers? Venezuela and Nigeria has oil and the rest of world governments criticizes Venezuela and Nigeria openly that both governments denies their own people the benefits from the resources found in their own country. All governments are similarly guilty barring NONE.

There is no need to keep collecting taxes from people to pay some people to do shabby work that always needs redoing and the same people keep redoing the same work and hence only those same people keep getting the direct and indirect taxes that is collected while the others are constantly being told taxes needs to be raised and collected to pay those special shabby workers who themselves are the ones who get tax breaks from time to time or they get creative at paying no tax.



Paying, raising, revising, collecting taxes is doing the same things over and over every striking day and expecting different results………which is simple madness.

“I applied my heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness.” King Solomon.


Did you know that travelling toll road is orgasmic? Using all other roads in Jamaica including sidewalks definitely miscarriages.

Am obsessed with roads as I use it every day and I try to keep up counting patch work on all the so called major and minor roads in Kingston city that I travel. I am tired of repeating counts.

Politicians will boast that they give us roads and you wonder if roads are not for all including politicians who uses roads more than others especially when it comes to voting time when they would travel every nook and cranny begging votes. Some would say buying votes.

May. 22, 2017


"It takes cash to care" is one of the most successful lies ever told by leaders and lived by everyone. Cash which is currency is called money.

This gigantic capitalist lie, “It takes cash to care” reminds me of a Bible texts which talks about the fate of one who loveth and maketh a lie found in the book of Revelation.

Under capitalism, there is never enough cash available to care for the most basic of human needs such as: Good Air Quality, Potable Water, Healthy Foods, Health, Education, a comfortable Home to live with workable Sanitary conveniences, Good Road Network and Transportation.

Capitalist ties money to life. You purchase life using their money and they make you believe it’s your money. Where did you get it? Do you know how, where and by whom it’s made?

However, very conveniently money is not tied to work.

One can get money without working for it yet one can hardly survive if one does not have money.

Listen to the words of these men about work and money:

“There is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy. The basic things expected by our people of their political and economic system are simple. They are:
• Equality of opportunity for youths and others;
• Jobs for those who can work;
• Security for those who need it;
• The ending of the special privileges for the few;
• The preservation of civil liberties for all;
The enjoyment of the fruits of scientific progress in a wider and constantly rising standard of living.” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Did you take note of the use of the words healthy and strong? If you are working and earning under the current system, you stand the chance of being healthy and strong.

“We can either have democracy in a country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” Louis D. Brandeis (US Supreme Court Judge)

Dou you think democracy exist in our world today? I think you might find the answer to that question below.

“Democracy is not possible in a monetary based economy.” Louis D. Brandeis.

Very few people in the world work to earn money. Quite a large number just “play games” to acquire money.

All world governments play games as they tell their subjects they need money to survive. Almost the entire world believes such to be true.

The trick or capitalist game is, you make money hard to get or make it scarce (all governments tells its people that resources are scarce and limited. Resources usually means money) while motivational speakers tell their audience that there is abundance which is a Fact)

The other trick is you make work seem believably scarce and hard to get (again all governments especially those in waiting will tell the people that they will create 100,000 more jobs when they get power which is all they want and when they become government very few people get jobs) and this = lies, manipulation and control. If you look around you, you will see an abundance of work. If you continue looking you will also see an abundance of people who can work, willing to work but not working. I see them every day. I also see young men seeking work and when they are turned away, I see the broken look in their eyes on their faces on their shoulders; deeply distressed.

Now, since money is tied to life and survival, anyone who wants to live and survive will do almost anything to get the money to live and survive which includes thief money, beg money, borrow money or work for money. There are also other ways to get money. (see article on 7 ways to get money in hand

If work is limited according to all governments and their sleeping partners, all the other activities to get money in hand will always take precedence.

Now, the music industry is quite a big money making industry and they say it is work. (Give me a break – Oh, to design and manufacture musical instruments is indeed hard work.) (Another is the sports industry also an industry they say is working for money.) I understand in some places sporting is just a hobby for people who actually works to earn a living.

Jesus, the saviour of mankind while on earth thousands of years ago worked as a carpenter. He worked his hands to make things that had real tangible benefits to others and to himself. He also preached the Gospel. The results from the work of preaching the gospel is conversion of men and women to good works.

In the music industry, a DJ’s lyrics laced with sexual explicit works in the sense that it appeals to a wide cross-section of people, who from boredom, idleness, and an overindulgence in sex for pleasure easily salivates over anything that can keep their minds on pleasure and more sexual pleasure as mankind continues to be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God or good. (U find dat in the Bible)

If you love good and most people say they do, you will not be writing lyrics that encourages murder of your fellow men and equally not be supporting and playing it.

So capitalist leadership is up for you to ponder its worth. It appears anything goes......the more crap, the more crime, the more unemployment, the more lots of people live in fear, (and then fear is good for controllers and manipulators. Fear is used to manipulate and control people)

And the trickery continues as the more they make it appear to all and sundry that they coming up with solutions for scarce resources, to solve crime and violence without engaging people to real work.

I will Never be fooled for like the motivational speaker I know there is abundance.

At times you hear they talk about glut of this or glut of that in the marketplace be it pork, Irish potato, tomatoes etc.

People, did you know that Glut equals abundance which means no one needs be hungry anywhere in the world. NO ONE.

Abundance can be produced. Joseph in Egypt many years ago engaged all citizens to produce for 7 years of abundance. Today, we have the wherewithal to produce more than 700 times 7.

People are just simply pathological, nefarious, and inveterate liars. They are mind & human controllers and what makes them dangerous is that like the parable of the lost coin in the Bible they don't even know they are lost. They are actually real haters of equity. They simply hate Good.

A lost sheep not too bad because at least they know they lost and trying to find their way.

But a lifeless coin has no clue it is lost. The same lifeless pieces of paper and coin they use to continue slavery in the world.

People, just imagine this, if something is in limited supply or scarce it therefore means more work needs to be employed to produce more of the scarce commodity

I hope somehow this message open some eyes, minds and hearts to truth versus despicable destructive lies and ultimately a desire for good and the corresponding actions.

Feb. 1, 2017

Excerpts from 

ARTICLE – Avant – Garde Architecture

Avant-garde architecture is one area of innovation which impacts a countries development in a remarkable way and can lead to an influx of energy, new life, and tourist dollars, in the island.

The Millennium Park in Chicago Illinois emerged as a sparkling example of how big cities could get big things done, and without any intimidation, small cities likewise can get big things done too as was seen in Jamaica a few years ago in the example of Emancipation Park located in the heart of Kingston, corner of Oxford Road and Knutsford Boulevard.

Art and architecture came together in an unusual public way and created conglomerates of gathering of people from a wide cross-section of the island. People found new and exciting experience within the space, an advantage of Avant-garde architecture.

To read more….

Jan. 19, 2017

January 5, 2017

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Honorable Andrew Holness surmised at a12th Annual Heal the Family, Heal the Nation gathering at the National Arena yesterday……..that it seem like an evil spirit had taken possession of some men in the society…..this was said against the background of the increase in crime and violence in the Jamaican Society and particularly the recent savaged murder of more than 6 women by their partners, lovers, husbands.

Seem this could also be said of some men in Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, the US, Canada in fact men in the entire world?                                    

And why are women being blamed by both male and female for causing men to get angry to the point where they become MOST emotional; displaying the emotion of ANGER and then commits murder the worst anti-social behavior in my opinion?

After Adam took the fruit and consumed it without being deceived as Eve his wife was, did you know Adam turned around and blamed Eve for causing him to eat.....? Read more in “My theory on why Satan tempted Eve first and not Adam”

Patriarchy Patriarchy rules the world. When did this began? Read "The He Dominance" and “Is it a man’s world and why” to find out more.

Why are men (male) so violent towards both male and female? Find out in “Men and Violence”

And what part does sex play in all this?

Many are again appearing baffled at the recent incidence of a 64 year old Pastor in sexual relations with a 15 year old child. (Mind transformation is the only cure for Pedophilia.) Romans 12:2.

What is the primary purpose of sexual intercourse, Procreation or pleasure? Can procreation and pleasure be separated or are they one and the same?  Did the 64 year old Pastor had sex with the 15 year old to procreate or did he have sex to gratify his pleasurable sexual desires? Why do men plant a seed? Read......"Ask Men" and get your copies of Sexual intercourse questionnaires Part 1, 2 & 3.

And then there is abuse....... before, during, and after sex…………Get your copy "On sexual Abuse.”                          

Abortion too factors big. Read more about my thoughts on the topic. 

NOW……do not be surprised that competition and money plays a big part in all this.                                  

Knock you over with the impact from Competition Parts 1 and 2 in the madness.

From among the 7 ways to get money in hand am putting these three in a race.                   YES, I am about to enter three in a competition as much as I hate competition. Here goes……. BEG IT; STEAL IT and TAX IT/CHARGE IT. Which do you think is winning the race in world affairs today?              

Wow hold on hold on! the other 4 ways to get money in hand will not keep quiet. They refused to, I cannot cantain them. They are demanding a space on the track.          

Ok Ok Am putting you in the race. WORK FOR IT, BORROW IT, FIND IT, and INHERIT IT.

I can tell you this with my eyes closed that WORK FOR IT loses the race. There is more work than there are people in the entire world BUT WORK FOR IT has been losing times over. 

Jobs are in short supply and they say money too?

If money is not in short supply in the country your reading from, (then send some here) as it is said repeatedly here in Jamaica that resources (monetary) are in limited supplies.

And, unemployment unemployment looms high everywhere. Have you really taken note?

Is that really true, do you believe it, when people starve for Water a very basic commodity that is in plentiful supply that without it you die....and even if you argue the water is dirty or salt then this is all the more work for people do to unsalt and undirty it for safe consumption. Oh...ummmm so you say will need skilled people chemist, microbiologist etc etc… to test and analyze and certify ……… ummm But that is more work again to get people skilled.

Again I say,………there is far more work in this world than people. But you continue to hear scarce, scarce, scarce……….

Let me tell you why your told scarce scarce scarce…………... Read Scarcities and eliminating it Parts 1 and 2.

Sighs, In all of this madness Where is God? Does he love you?